Welcome to FAVEX

We are metallurgy
trading company

We offer pipes, tubes, rods,
saw/laser cutting services

We are an established company
with long rich history

FAVEX, s.r.o. operates on the market of metallurgical products since 1994.


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We have about 1500 active items in our warehouse.

All items are securely stored in modern insulated warehouse with its actual 10,000 sqm of storage capacity.

Our products


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Here you can take a look at the current state of our warehouse.

For comfortable view, items are divided in appropriate categories (bars, pipes, tubes, stainless steel material, ….)

Daily updates.

Our warehouse


Block 3

We offer Cutting services for both small and large series of profiles, tubes and solid materials using modern CNC machinesand laser cutting services for profiles and sheets using our 2D laser cutting machine.

Organization of transport for materials and finished products to our customers is natural for us.


Our services

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Quality Management System EN ISO 9001: 2015 since 2005.

See the Documents sections for our QMS Certificate, Business Documents, Product Catalog and Annual Report.

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Contact us

FAVEX, s.r.o
Hradišťská 98,
687 08 Buchlovice
tel: +420 572 411 530
fax: +420 572 557 731
e-mail: info@favex.cz
FAVEX, s.r.o
Hradišťská 98,
687 08 Buchlovice

tel/fax: +48 604 235 234
e-mail: info@favex.cz

FAVEX, s.r.o (SK)
Hradišťská 98,
687 08 Buchlovice
tel: +421 322 901 777
e-mail: info@favex.sk
FAVEX, s.r.o (AT)
Hradišťská 98,
687 08 Buchlovice
tel: +420 572 411 530
fax: +420 572 557 731
e-mail: info@favex.cz